Want to find the way to more security with your financial future? Do you want to plan for your future to ensure your retirement is comfortable (or your children’s future is financially sound)?

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Discussing financial matters always tend to be complicated. Choosing where to put your money and when to do it are two very tough questions. But they are also necessary.

Many of our clients in North Carolina have seen great results from choosing an investment strategy that includes annuities.

For many, the particulars of an annuity may be unknown. We will strip away the complex facts and figures and help you understand the basics of your annuity choices.

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North Carolina Immediate Annuities

Planning for retirement has changed a lot throughout the years and will continue to do so. The number of pensions that are available is dwindling year after year and the future of Social Security is in doubt. This means it is very important to prepare now for what will happen in retirement. To reach this goal, many people have turned to immediate annuities.

About Immediate Annuities
Before we can explain the details of this product, we need to talk about annuities in general. Annuities are financial products that function as an agreement between a person and an insurance company. The person buying the annuity makes a lump sum payment to the company and the company agrees to make payments back to the owner at a predetermined time. There are two basic types of annuities, deferred and immediate, that determine how and when these payouts occur. Deferred annuities include payouts that are pushed aside to a later time; the payouts of immediate annuities can start immediately.

Immediate annuities are typically selected by retirees who are looking for steady income payments and need them to start soon. Another attractive feature of these annuities is they are tax-deferred, which means you aren’t required to pay taxes on this increase until the money is withdrawn.

There are many companies out there that market immediate annuities, providing you with many different options. To help you make a good decision on North Carolina immediate annuities, Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC can provide you with access to products from several different companies. This structure allows us to select an immediate annuity that will best fit your needs.

Fixed Annuities Throughout North Carolina

Have you started seriously considering your future finances? Do you have a retirement plan that includes your children’s financial future?

It takes a lot of hard work to navigate the world of finances. It can also be quite stressful to decide where and when you need to invest your money. But these types of questions need to be asked (and answered) at some point. Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC is here to help people in North Carolina with finding answers to questions regarding annuities, life insurance and other retirement products. As retirement professionals, we’ll help you stabilize your retirement future.

Fixed annuities are one option that several of our clients have chosen to plan for their future. Like other annuities, the specifics of a fixed annuity can be unfamiliar to many people. Our staff can help you learn about this product and work with you to determine if it is the right choice.

What Are Fixed Annuities?
Annuities work as an agreement between a person and a financial institution, similar to an insurance policy. After paying a premium, the owner of the annuity will be given a lump sum or incremental payments. With a fixed annuity, the owner is given a locked interest rate for a set length of time. This is great for someone looking for an investment that is safe and low-risk.

Advantages of Fixed Annuities
Fixed annuities have been lauded for years as a singularly unique investment strategy that includes incredible benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Low-Risk Investment – You know exactly what to expect with this kind of investment.
  • Tax Deferral – Your money won’t be taxed until you withdraw your investment.
  • Shelter from Creditors – Annuity investments are safe from probate proceedings and cannot be touched by creditors in most situations. Contact Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC
Fixed Index Annuities in North Carolina

It’s vital to start formulating a plan for the future now, because financial security is an imperative if you are going to enjoy your long life after retirement. Fixed index annuities can help make this happen.

At Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC, you can learn about fixed index annuities from our skilled retirement professionals. We help people with securing their future in North Carolina.

What Are Fixed Index Annuities?
Annuities are similar to other retirement investments and share the goal of long-term financial security for you and your family. But they possess a few unique characteristics.

First, a little about annuities in general. The four basic forms of annuities are fixed, variable, immediate and fixed index. At the base level, they work as a contract between an individual and a financial institution. After paying a premium for a predetermined time, the financial institution will return this investment (with interest) in a lump sum or incremental payments. All money placed into an annuity is tax-deferred.

So what are the specifics of fixed index annuities? This type of annuity is directly linked to a specific financial index, such as the S&P 500. With a flexible interest rate, there could be greater potential for a stronger return. Fixed index annuities let you experience the benefits of a healthy interest rate without leaving you exposed to major stock market risks.

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