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Are you paying more than you should in taxes?

So many individuals believe their CPA is doing everything they can to ensure they pay the least amount of tax possible. However, the majority of CPAs aren’t trained to look forward. They’re trained to look back. That’s what tax preparation is. Tax planning, on the other hand, looks forward to save you money in the future.

Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC helps you to identify any areas in which you are creating additional and unnecessary taxation that can be legally avoided.

  • Are you using your income sources properly and in the most tax efficient method?
  • Are you sure your investment risk exposure is one that you are comfortable with and in line with your retirement strategies?

We can work with any concern you have

Sometimes people make poor decisions and may receive low rates or may incur losses because they may have more at risk than they are comfortable with.

  • Do you want to maximize your Social Security?
  • Are you wanting to help protect your assets from a nursing home?
  • Do you have questions about your Will, Trust or Power of Attorney’s? Do you need to establish these or update?
  • Are you retiring or rolling over a large sum of money?
  • Just lost a spouse?
  • Want to protect your retirement from market losses with safe money strategies?
  • Upset with your current retirement arrangement?
  • Just moved to North Carolina?

A Bostian Retirement Planning, LLC review can apply to any concern you have. It helps relieve doubt in your financial decisions for your future plan. In other words, learn which questions to ask before making any decision and identify ways to assure your decisions are in your best interest.

Ed Slott

Raymond, Ryan and Christopher have specialized knowledge and tools to help ensure that IRAs are set up and maintained correctly and are notified of IRA tax changes through email alerts and workshops. They believe it is essential that retirement accounts are properly and effectively incorporated into client retirement plans.

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