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Discover the benefits of enhanced planning.

Learn how enhanced planning may help you:

  • Transfer assets efficiently
  • Reduce taxes
  • Leave a legacy
  • Preserve family harmony

Wills. Trusts. Beneficiaries.

These aren’t just for the ultra-rich. It’s a common misconception that only the wealthy need to bother with wills and trusts. The truth is, without careful planning, the family you leave behind could face unnecessary difficulties when it comes time for them to divide up your assets.

Leave a Legacy of Family Harmony

It’s easy to think that your family will figure it out after you’re gone, and that may be true. But clearly communicating your wishes and setting things up to transfer smoothly may go a long way toward keeping harmony in the family.

No Plan for Your Estate? Uncle Sam Has One.

The government sets estate tax rates, but careful preparation can help you minimize the impact on your heirs. What’s your vision for your estate? Enhanced planning gives you more control over who gets what and how much – and that includes Uncle Sam.

This is a complimentary event. Seating is limited, so please reserve promptly. Venue Capacity: 25-30 People

Advisor: Raymond E. Bostian 

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